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Coming to Toronto Jan. 17-18

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I’m going to be speaking at the 27th Annual Best Ever Coaches Clinic, hosted by Baseball Ontario, next weekend, January 17-18, 2014.  I thought I would post my presentation topics and outlines for any potential attendees or if you just want to know what I’ll be discussing!  My first talk is Performing Under Pressure and I’ll be speaking from 7:00-7:40pm on Friday night.  Second talk is Teaching Intangibles to Baseball Players at 10am Saturday morning.  I’ll be available for questions immediately after each presentation and I’ll be around for  most of the clinic, so if you’re attending, please come introduce yourself!  For more information on the clinic:  Baseball Ontario

Performing Under Pressure

This is my standard introductory presentation that describes my philosophy on teaching the mental game and details my model for maximizing success.

I.  What is the Mental Game?

  • Mental Game = Knowledge + Performing Under Pressure
  • “Know What To Do” and “Do It When It Counts”
  • Mental Game Model
    • Know Who You Are
    • Know What You Want
    • Know What To Do When You Don’t Get It
    • Know What To Do In The Meantime

II  Self-Evaluation

  • Self-Evaluation isn’t easy
  • Self-Evaluation MUST be Honest and Accurate
  • TAIS assessment helps us know who you are

III  Measuring Focus

  • The Key to Performing Under Pressure
  • Four Channels of Focus
  • Properties of Focus
  • Favorite Channels and Comfort Zones

IV  Slowing the Game Down

  • Focus Explains Game Speeding up or Slowing Down

V  Dealing with Failure

  • Framing:  What Story is Playing in Your Head?
  • Using Framing to Deal With Failure

VI  One Thing to Help Your Players COMPETE!!

  • How Many Mistakes Would You Make if You Weren’t AFRAID to Make One?
  • The Job Paradox

Teaching Intangibles to Baseball Players

I’m planning to introduce my Character Development Inventory and explain how coaches and players can use it to pinpoint specific behaviors to improve leadership and character factors in each player.  FYI, you can download my CDI for free at the Intangibles Book Page or if you’d like to learn more about CDI, you can visit this post I wrote to introduce it when the book launched:

Free Character Development Inventory Forms

I  What are Intangibles?

  • The Importance of Knowing Who You Are
  • Old School vs New School
  • What Can Be Taught?

II  Leadership and Character: Three Leadership Misconceptions

  • Jason Bay:  The “Ideal” Personality
  • Brandon Moss:  Permission to Lead
  • Adam LaRoche: Leading by Example

III  Developing Leadership and Character

  • The Character Development Inventory

IV  Using CDI for Individual and Team Development

  • Taking CDI
  • Scoring CDI
  • Developing each Character Factor
  • Relative Positions of Scores
  • 360 feedback and Self-evaluation
  • “If this is true, what will I do about it?”

Geoff Miller’s book, Intangibles: Big-League Stories and Strategies for Winning the Mental Game — in Baseball and in Life, was released in August, 2012. For more information and free sample chapters, please visit:

For more information, please contact Geoff Miller at

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