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High School Draft Picks: Survey Frequency Distributions

In First Year Player Draft Pick Research on July 27, 2010 at 11:33 am

These tables display the exact number of responses to each choice for every item on both surveys.  I used these data to test for significant differences on items between the groups, so these tables represent the different factors that were discovered in numeric fashion.  Some of the differences are easy to notice by simply looking at the raw response data. For example, look at how different the numbers are on the question regarding parents’ highest level of education.  Players who chose to go to college had parents who graduated from college (13) and/or who completed graduate degrees (13) much more than players who signed out of high school (only 10 total).  Likewise, only 3 college players had parents who did not attend college. Professional players had 12!

Thesis Frequency Distributions

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