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High School Draft Picks: Statistics and Data

In First Year Player Draft Pick Research on July 27, 2010 at 11:44 am

This page contains links to surveys, statistics, and data I compiled while completing my research on high school draft picks. While creating the surveys, I knew I wouldn’t have listed every single factor that players used to decide whether they should go to college or sign with the team that drafted them, so I left many opportunities for my subjects to tell me more about how they made their decisions.  The links to College Player Answers and Professional Player Answers list every additional reason, factor, and thought that these players wrote down on their surveys.  They are a fascinating collection of information and extremely helpful in shedding first-person light on this decision-making process.  I found it so interesting that when I asked college players what they planned to do after college, most of them wrote that they wanted to play professionally and when I asked professional players what they planned to do after their playing careers were over, most wrote that they would go to college.  These answers show how important this decision is in a young athlete’s life. Most of these baseball players WANT to do both…get their college degrees AND play professional baseball.  Some of them won’t do both.  Some will have regrets.  We can only hope that each player considers all of the factors that go into this decision before he makes his choice.  And I hope that this information will help more players and their families do just that.


Frequency Distributions

College Player Answers

Professional Player Answers

Survey Instructions

Participating Universities and Organizations

Participating Coaches and Scouts

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