Geoff Miller


Mental skills coach Geoff Miller has spent years helping professional baseball players improve their mental toughness—both on and off the field. Now, he’s making these invaluable lessons available to everyone who loves the game of baseball.

In Intangibles, you’ll find stories, instruction, and practical applications that teach players and coaches how to put forth their best mental games—portrayed through the eyes of those who have experienced those learning moments firsthand in their quests to become Major Leaguers.

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  1. “Intangibles” is a valuable resource for anyone who is trying to excell in a competitive field. Performing under pressure, being honest about ones abilities, and the importance of being positive are skills that everyone needs to continually cultivate. “Intangibles” is an outstanding resource for athletes, coaches, parents and all those in a performance based profession.
    Thomas J Connolly MD, Orthopedic Surgeon
    Sports Medicine Specialist
    Creighton University, Boystown Research Hospital
    Father of 2 college athletes

  2. This is a great article, and I am huoefpl many emerging artists will listen to the wisdom in it. I see too many new artists that only want to become famous. That is their only goal. I’ve worked with many famous people in my 25-year career in music. It doesn’t make people happy. It’s a rush for a short while, but fame becomes a burden in many ways. More than fame, artists should pursue a true love for the mystery in making music. The beauty of it all comes in the evolution of how music is made. There are no magic wands or magic formulas.My friend and Grammy Award winning producer, Eric Tingstad and I discussed this over lunch yesterday. Living the lifestyle of the music you make positions you perfectly to be with the people who are your niche market. There are no rules any longer in this business. We make them up as we go; and there is no dominant authority with gatekeepers like there used to be. Find inspiration follow it, and nurture it. Beethoven’s inspiration like many others of that period, found inspiration in nature. Music is a literate art form very much like storytelling or writing poetry or novels. It’s the emotion in the art form that will keep people following your story.If your story is only about fame, most will come to resent it as it is so pervasive in our society.Janet

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